Contact Cut & Core to provide a solution for all your concrete cutting and coring needs in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont.  We are located in Jaffrey, NH and service the tri-state area.  Contact us today for a free estimate.  Call us at 603.532.8580 or contact us through the email form below. 
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We offer full service sawing & drilling of concrete, asphalt, masonry and stone. We also provide other services such as breaking, removal and repair.

So that we may generate an estimate for you, please provide us with the following information:

  1. location (town,state) of project
  2. commercial or residential?
  3. thickness of area to be cut (rebar?) (example:  8" concrete wall with #4 bar)
  4. lineal feet of each cut (example: two 8' vertical cuts plus one 3' horizontal cut)
  5. are overcuts acceptable? (flush cutting is available)
  6. breaking, removal or disposal desired?
  7. ease of access for mobile unit to project location (example: park unit within 20 feet)
  8. please include any special considerations (example:  after hours operation)

Full Service Sawing and Drilling of Concrete, Asphalt, Masonry and Stone
Contact us for a free estimate
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